We opened the Tulsa location of Skin Spa & Boutique in January of 2019 and it's been a wonderful journey. Since temporarily closing due to the Pandemic, we've struggled with the decisions of what to do. Which brings to the very sad news to tell you all that we decided to permanently close the Tulsa location.

You'll be able to find Holly in the original Tahlequah location. Cady has relocated and reopened in Tulsa at 16th and Boston. 
If you purchased a gift certificate directly from The Skin Spa & Boutique (Tulsa Location only) you will be able to redeem it with Cady in her new location until 3/18/2021. Confirmation of the gift certificate is required before redeeming, you can contact Cady by clicking here. 

Our hearts are broken, but remember- a place doesn't define a relationship. You're still in our hearts, and we know we will see you all again. Much love to you all, and we can't thank you enough for the year you gave us.

You will be able to reach us at our email address: theskinbtqtul@gmail.com

To Contact Tahlequah Location: 918-453-2080


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